Android MARWIS App Help

First Steps

Bluetooth Pairing

A Bluetooth connection between the sensor and the Android device must be established before the MARWIS app can be put into operation.

Some other app settings probably need to be changed too.

In order to couple the MARWIS-UMB with the Android device, connect the sensor to the power supply and activate the Android device settings with the Bluetooth connection.

The device appears as “MARWIS-UMB_XXXX.YYYY” (XXXX.YYYY represents the serial number of the device) on the Bluetooth device list.

Tap “OK” to connect the devices.

The PIN for pairing is 1007

The connection information is saved on the Android device and the connection will be restored automatically after interruption.

The Bluetooth connection is initiated automatically when the MARWIS app already runs in the background.

After successful readout of the device information, the standard sensor channels are displayed automatically (“dashboard menu”) when entering the MARWIS App.

Changing the MARWIS Bluetooth connection partner

Coupling (pairing) here means changing to a new or other Bluetooth device (tablet or smartphone) after previously being connected to another device.

After the first Bluetooth connection setup, MARWIS will try to re-establish connection with the same device automatically in order to avoid unnecessary and time-consuming Bluetooth scan processes. The Bluetooth connection partner is saved. MARWIS is only able to connect with one mobile device.

It is therefore necessary to change/overwrite the saved connection partner. The easiest way is to initiate connection with the new mobile output device (tablet or smartphone),

following these steps:

  1. Ensure that the Bluetooth interface of the former MARWIS connection partner is deactivated or unreachable.
  2. Also ensure that a valid pairing between the Bluetooth device and MARWIS exists. The connection settings can be found in the system settings of the device.

    Unlike iOS, Android doesn’t initiate a Bluetooth connection automatically. This must be done through the app.

  3. In order to initiate the connection, open the MARWIS app and go to the list of available devices (device connection symbol in the right corner of the action bar). All compatible, coupled Bluetooth devices are listed in this table. Tap on the MARWIS sensor with which you would like to pair (grayed out). The selected MARWIS will turn black after a short while. This means that a connection has been established and the standard connection partner has been overwritten in the sensor settings.