iPad MARWIS App Help

First Steps

Video manual

1. Bluetooth Pairing

Before you can start the MARWIS App, the Bluetooth connection between the MARWIS device and the iPad/iPhone must be established, and some basic settings might have to be adjusted in the app settings.

Open “Settings” on your iPad/iPhone and activate Bluetooth.Power on the MARWIS device.

The device will show as “MARWIS-UMB_xxxx.yyyy” (where xxxx.yyyy is the serial number of the device) in the Bluetooth device list.

The PIN for pairing is 1007

Note: The device will store the pairing information and automatically reconnect to the iPad/iPhone if the connection was lost and the device is in reach again.

2. Sensor Channel setup

Start the „MARWIS“ App.
If started for the first time, the user is prompted to allow the current location. Please confirm with OK.

If no sensor channels have been configured yet, tapping this button will prompt the user if the default sensor channels for a MARWIS device should be added.

  • Tap “Add” to confirm adding the default sensor channels.

This will add all the default sensor channels for the MARWIS device, with the default device ID as configured in the MARWIS app settings

If the sensor channels have just been added, the detailed information about the sensor channels is not available yet, indicated by the -?- in the sensor channel list.
Information about each sensor channel is read from the Marwis device after the device is connected the first time.

If the communication with the device is established and the sensor and device configuration could be retrieved, information about the sensor channels, i.e. the device internal name/description and unit for each channel, and the value range for each channel, is updated.

Measured values will be acquired for all (active) sensor channels, and will be shown on the main screen:


The “Sensor Channels” display will now show the last sensor value for each channel (if available) or error information (if no value could be retrieved from the device).