Mobiles Strassenwetter-System


MARWIS offers various solutions for easy data handling. The analysis of data measured occurs either in the ViewMondo Software, or by means of the alternative solutions. The open interface protocol ensures effortless integration into existing measuring networks.

Via Bluetooth, MARWIS sends collected data directly to an iOS- or Android-based tablet or smartphone in vehicle car for real time evaluation. Using a data cloud, the measurement values can directly be delivered to the ViewMondo visualization software in the operations center. Consequently, authorized persons, such as operations managers, are able to digitally accompany and protocol patrol tours. Thus, routes can always be changed or cleared efficiently.

You want to use MARWIS with your own telematics system? The mobile measuring station communicates via an open and easily accessible communication protocol (UMB). Along with the Bluetooth module, it is equipped with RS485 as well as a CAN interface in order to implement alternative protocols. As a result, individual software and hardware solutions can be used at any time.

No matter if you have to manage large fleets, the winter service, transport tours or airplane takeoffs and landings – MARWIS serves you as a versatile and variable assistant. The robust road weather sensor isn’t fazed by even the most diverse asphalt types and surface conditions in the world.

Installation on a car

The Marwis App

The MARWIS App is available for iOS and Android and has the following functions:
  • Visualization of the readings
  • Configuration of the sensor
  • Automatic upload of the measurements to the ViewMondo-Server
  • Automatic MARWIS software update

Do you need some help with using the MARWIS app?

There are many useful information here on our help page.

What benefits provides MARWIS for you?

  • If you’re responsible for road inspections to prevent traffic disturbances in time due to weather related road impairment (preventive de-icing), MARWIS reliably and precisely registers road conditions on your tour. Thus, you get evidence and weather documentation at the end of your inspection tour automatically.
  • If your fleet of gritting vehicles is already digitally equipped, the attachment of MARWIS provides important additional information to your electronic gritting book. How were the road conditions during the operation? Where was it dry, where was it wet and on which bridge was the friction critical? These data about conditions are included in your fleet recordings thanks to MARWIS.
  • If you already use a semiautomatic gritting (depends on temperature), MARWIS will henceforth provide all the relevant information for fully automatic gritting. The driver can focus on driving under extreme conditions, but she or he is also able to manually correct the automatism.
  • In the future, MARWIS shall also know about the position where the weather will get worse within the next 2-3 hours, so that it is necessary to spread preventively.